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in the beginning, there was chaos
001 short and sweet.  
16th-Oct-2015 11:10 pm
Let's start over.

It's almost the end of another year; the year I surpassed my lifespan. Context clandestine.

Lifestyle has been metered. Mechanics set in motion. Code rewired and understood. Information absorbed and assimilated.

Fuck it. Everything has changed. Not one thing is the same about my life. That's how different things have become. And it's fuckin' beautiful.

No need to focus on the shitstorm past, but I can look back and select the experiences and lessons learned. I now know why I did the things I did and felt the way I felt. I've found my resolution.

Goals still in orbit:
⛧ Gym more often, don't eat after 8pm. Drop the sugars and carbs and eat less meat.
⛧ Archery

Goals close to completion/latently working:
⛧ Hair growth (shaved my head two years ago and now it's past my shoulders)
⛧ Novel (Off to betas at the end of the month)
⛧ School: math and physics
⛧ Work: Well, it's temporary but a thing
⛧ Remembering my dreams

Things that are fucking awesome:
⛧ Living in an amazing apartment
⛧ My best friend as my roommate ♥ a_knot
⛧ Quit smoking pot
⛧ Having deja vu as I write this post....

To end this before I fall asleep on the keyboard, I've never been so busy. I'm working 25+ hours at Spirit Halloween, I'm taking two classes three days a week at PCC. I'm on the second to final edit of my novel. I have one day off a week.

But Im not complaining. I fucking love it.


17th-Oct-2015 03:20 pm (UTC)
That's great your life is going good! :D

What are you studying?
18th-Oct-2015 06:52 am (UTC)
Hello! I checked your journal but I had a feeling it was you even before I found out since you changed your username! Instinct is a scary thing!

I'm going for an AS degree in Physics (2 years) for now, although it's going to change once my core classes start. I'm in college algebra and physics 101 this term, I completed chemistry 101 last term. Next term I'll be taking advanced algebra/trig/geometry and physics 201, and that's the core classes. Once I start that, I'll be able to decide what kind of transfer degree I want and decide on what university I want to go to once I get my AS.

♥ how are you, lovely?
18th-Oct-2015 06:29 pm (UTC)
Sounds cool! :D Any ideas on what degree you want?

I'm pretty good. :]
2nd-Nov-2015 07:47 am (UTC)
Well I want to go into physics, either astro or particle... but who knows. I might end up doing something computer science related. And in the end if I make enough money off my book or things go well on the writing front I might just do that. For now I'm going to college to see if I can handle all the difficult concepts and please my parents and to get a grip on my life in case the writing doesn't work out. xD

What've you been up to?
3rd-Nov-2015 09:39 am (UTC)
Sounds cool, good luck!
How is your writing going? Are you near the publishing stage?

Mostly just working on getting my GED, finding a job and deciding how to get where I want in life.
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