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in the beginning, there was chaos
the drop 
25th-Jan-2016 01:59 pm
I had a dream last night with Eris in it. I've been remembering my dreams a lot better for the past six months than I have in years. Themes I've noticed include ships, oceans, cats of all sorts, faeries, warehouses, and flying, and being a warrior.

In this dream, Eris had been caught by a large king or some sort and I had come to work with this king only to find out he's keeping her against her will. He'd taken her golden apple and without it there's nothing she could do. However, she retained her demeanor of how I'd imagined the goddess of chaos to be... nothing really bothered her. We got along really well (in some sense as lovers) and I told her I wanted her help (the golden apple) in order to destroy the world so that it could start anew. She replied with a smile, genuinely amused, that I should leave the destroying up to her as that was her job and consider what I could do to save lives and help people instead.

So we parted ways with me promising to return once I had retrieved the golden apple and released her. It was my journey and I discovered that along the way, I became a willing participant in helping and saving others.

Before this dream I also dreamt about war. I was involved in two battles, one at the front and one where I was given a sword by Kenshin and hesitated to join the battle altogether. This second (and "last") battle was going to take place in a church, I knew there would be gunsmen. I overslept the day the battle was supposed to take place and went over to another person who was supposed to have been a part. He told me that no one showed up.

I don't generally interpret my dreams with much seriousness, though I'm very aware that most of the time when they're of this caliber they hold significant meaning. For now I'll just start recording them more often.

In real life things have been going pretty well. I've got a job now, and I'm taking two classes at PCC. I have some tickets to pay off and I need to fix a tire on my car. Other than that, everything is fine. So I'm wondering why I'm so stressed out.

I've been doing a little writing here and there. I've been an official vegetarian for about four days. I haven't been eating as much junk as I used to, and I feel better for it.

Something's missing. Gotta identify it as fast as I can.

Until next time ~
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