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in the beginning, there was chaos
is it so simple 
2nd-Feb-2016 03:56 am
human reflection
Thoughts and the way they shape the mundane world, or 3D reality; the idea of a joke and the words we use to communicate with ourselves and each other. To simply do it. To affect the change you want in your life. To make the jump from misery to happiness, to satisfaction, to reaching the goals you've always held close to your heart but kept at an arm's length. Because "I need to do this first" is always a precursor. Because "If I don't have this, I can't get that" is always at the forefront. That's the way it is. We lose focus along the way of why we wanted those things. Our dreams and wishes grow moldy and covered with leaves. We no longer seek out the grand notions we clung to in our youth. We succumb to the powers that be and allow ourselves to believe we're living in a world we built, a freedom we chose.

There's got to be a point where it breaks. A point where you can't take anymore. It won't be anything huge, it might be like a click. Do this, do that. Fight for this, fight for that. Move on from this, move on from that. The little steps we make push us farther or further from what we desire; so long as we don't refine ourselves.

There's things I want to do in this life. Appearances I want to achieve. Desires I maintain as dreams. My goal is a certain lifestyle, a way of life and of being. Instead of dreaming it, I've got to seize it. Seize control of everything surrounding me and pushing, pulling, yanking, throwing...

The time is now. If you don't start now, you've never started. How terrible that sounds.

I'm reaching out, reaching out...

All I have to do is act.
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