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in the beginning, there was chaos
4th-Mar-2016 09:23 pm
nathan smoking
I have been in a strange mood these past few days. I know what's missing, but it's not something easily found (obtained?). I'm happy but ambivalent. Everything is flowing smoothly and life is the best it's ever been. I have stability, strong ethic, energy, and the willpower to get things done. I got the job I wanted, it has great pay. School is going well. I'm still not financially independent, but I've got another year to sort that out. Physical wellness is more or less the same, though I've been cooking more and therefore eating healthier. My novel has taken the back-burner again; and again I can't be assed to give a shit, really.

I need some new hobbies. Currently I have two fandoms: RWBY and Ten Count, and a half-fandom, Dramatical Murder. Actually, my only two hobbies right now are writing and reading gay manga. I do follow updates on Norgami and Natsume Yuujinchou as well. But I think I've pretty much read ALL the scanlated yaoi manga the internet has to offer me ~ *rolls around*

I've composed a list of things I'd like to do or obtain this year:
⛧ archery
⛧ natal charts (constructing my own)
⛧ psychic reading (from a shop for research)
⛧ chakra alignment/acupuncture/massage/chiropractor
⛧ eye-doctor for glasses
⛧ dentist for fillings
⛧ find a house to rent
⛧ publish something
⛧ printer

So I'm working at a huge Japanese grocery mart now, and it's a great job. I wanted to work there because of all the awesome shit they sell and tbh for a boy I was crushing on at the time, but ever since I've started working there I've liked him less and less. He's an odd duck, and that's saying something coming from me (because I'm the oddest duck of all). He's also a liar (certified, I caught him) and... ugh let's just not go into it anymore. I'm still a little upset over the whole ordeal, even though nothing happened. xD

I dyed my hair black again after patiently waiting 6 months. It'd grown about 4 inches and faded to a natural black plus my stupid mousy brown natural color. Out of all 85 people I work with, well, all the cashiers at least, only one guy noticed and commented and we don't even work in the same department. In fact, I don't even remember his name. No, I'm not butthurt... it's just weird. That kind of thing is small talk between employees I've found, standard, at least. I also got my bangs professionally butchered (luckily only for 7$) and fixed them myself. Never again. I'll just do what I've always done and cut them myself.

Wow, I'm so boring. I've got nothing else to write about. Just my muddled feelings on life at the moment... and it's strange forward movement, existing in the now, satisfied but still searching for that one thing to make it more well-rounded.

I feel like it's coming soon. I'm really looking forwards to it. But at the same time, I'm terrified.

Over n out. Peace.
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